Just a short note to tell you how pleased we were with the APA and our car purchase

We don't buy cars often (it's been more than 10 years since our last purchase), but each time, the APA was the way to go. We began our "discussions" (mainly via email), while we were out of the country on vacation. The APA provided all of the information that we needed, was quick to respond to questions, and made it easy to get in touch with​ the dealer to set things in motion before we returned home.

​The APA's recommended seller was a consummate professional and down-to-earth person to deal with.

He was knowledgeable about the model that we purchased, knew the APA policies, quickly and efficiently completed all of the on-line forms, as well as the hard-copy documents that needed to be signed on pick-up date.

He conducted an on-going email communication, every step of the way, re what we needed to do, what we needed to bring, etc, before and on delivery day. He gave us a link to an on-line video to watch prior to picking up the car, and gave us an in-depth "tour" of the car, when we picked it up -- we left the dealership very comfortable to drive the car.

The APA also most helpful in handling the trade-in of our old car. quickly obtained a very satisfactory quote for the sale of our car, and just as quickly found a buyer. The drop-off process was quick and smooth -- He met us at the buyer's location, and drove us back to pick up our new car.

We have nothing but high praise -- it truly felt like we were dealing with "family".

Debbie & Martin

In January, I decided to sell my (quite old) car, with the intention of buying a late-model used car as a replacement. Adding to my dilemma was the fact that I didn't have a clue what kind of car I was looking for. The whole concept was extremely daunting, since I did not know where to start the process. I turned to the APA for a little guidance, and they referred me to Richard Léger, since he had experience on both types of transaction.

After our first meeting, I felt much more comfortable about everything. Since I had no “focus”, Richard suggested we narrow down the decision-making by casting a wide net. He did extensive research, sending me all sorts of options for us to visit and test drive. He has a mountain of patience, and was not going to be satisfied until we found the perfect car for me. Whenever I would get discouraged, I would hear: “Be patient…we’re not there yet”.

I’m pretty picky and, once we found the car I wanted, Richard took on the task of selling my 2000 model car. All along, he seemed to know the exact type of person that would be in the market for my particular car. I brought it to him, he spent a few days cleaning everything up, and preparing it for advertising. The ad was placed on two websites and, by the next day, he had three buyers for my car! We went to the SAAQ to do the transfer with the buyer and, before I knew it, the months-long process was over!

Richard Leger managed to take me from A to Z in a matter of two months, and it could not have been more straightforward. He is experienced, hard-working, honest, and patient, and I highly recommend him to anyone thinking of changing cars, no matter whether they’re looking to buy or sell or somewhere in between. Richard is a real gem, and I am thankful to have been referred to him by the APA!



This morning I went to a couple of dealerships just to take a look at some of the new models. It bothered me that some salespeople are so aggressive, hence I might just join APA and use your “New Car Buying” service to avoid the haggling and sales process as much as possible.


I just purchased a Ford Escape with the assistance of ... the broker that you recommended. He was very helpful and patient with all my requests. I felt comfortable that I got a good price on both the new vehicle and my trade-in.

Burnaby, BC

Just wanted to thank you for the lease appraisal referral service. John did a great job explaining everything and giving me some pointers (going above and beyond what I expected). Definitely the place to go!

Toronto, ON

Debbie Arnold and her team at Sound Insurance have done a great job at providing responsive, helpful, expert service for my wife and my home insurance needs. Debbie provides personable service, and it is a pleasure to do business with her.

Toronto, ON

We met with your contact on Saturday. The purchase agreement was as hoped and expected as per the APA quote. Some financing was approved by Monday and the car was picked up Tuesday. We have been driving it for a couple days and absolutely love it. The Dealer Rep was really helpful and was such a pleasure to meet. Thanks again for this service you provide and the help that APA also gave us over the last couple weeks answering our questions. We will highly recommend APA to others.

Aurora, ON

You guys are amazing. I am so glad I became a member!! Thanks so very much!!!

Thornhill, ON

We moved from Quebec to BC and needed a car on our arrival to drive home with. Your office put us in touch with Russ Noble of Noble Car Buyers. Russ was quick and responsive and answered our many questions about car buying and insurance in BC. Russ arranged the entire transaction for us at his end and the car even arrived earlier than promised by Russ. The entire process went smoothly and seamlessly and Russ was always there to answer our endless questions. We got off the plane and less than 2 hours later we had our 'new' car and were driving to our new home in Lake Country. Would definitely recommend Russ and Noble Car Buyers to anyone seeking a new vehicle. Thanks for everything!

Victoria, BC

Purchased a 2014 Honda Odyssey EX from your dealer/contact in BC - Noble Car Buyers. Overall, quite pleased with the service provided. Russ was very informative, professional and the whole transaction was seamless start to finish. Thanks for the referral.

Vancouver, BC

Just wanted to tell you how pleased I was with my recent car purchase using the dealer you referred me to. As a senior, I just don't have the patience for a long, drawn-out negotiation any more. The buying process set up through Automobile Protection Association was a quick, relaxed, no-haggle experience. The price was exactly as shown on my APA quote, and there were no surprises or hidden last-minute charges. Thank you so much for providing a valuable and much-needed service.

Brampton, ON

I joined from B.C. last week and you connected me with your broker, Russ. He called me promptly, which I needed, and he was very helpful. He saved me $680 by advising me what to offer the dealer for the car. That, combined with the $500 incentive from the dealer was great. He also generously advised me on some insurance matters and the selling of an existing car. The APA membership investment was SO worth it!

Kelowna, BC

Thank you so much for your help. This is the third time I am a member and keep telling people that there is no better way to buy your vehicle than through APA. Thanks for doing a great job.

Whitby, ON

Thanks very much, I used your quote to a local dealer and they indicated they wouldn't touch it.


I completed the negotiation for a new vehicle using your advice (by phone) and information provided online with excellent results. Thanks.

Montreal, QC

I just purchased my third vehicle through the APA. With each purchase, the process gets better, more informative and easier. I was able to decide very quickly.

The individual that I dealt with helped me out tremendously. He reminded me of the process and provided additional helpful information. Not to mention he saved me an additional $500 I had missed. That’s excellent customer service.

The individual I dealt with at the dealership was also very helpful. I have sung the praises of the APA and will continue to do so along with always purchasing my vehicles through this service. Fast, easy, cheaper and NO HAGGLE!

Mississauga, ON

I believe now that I have finally run out of questions for you but I want to thank you so much for all your help during this purchasing process. I felt so much more secure, knowing that I could contact you for information. The APA is a wonderful organization and I have told everyone I know about it. You have been particularly patient and I am most grateful.

Bracebridge, ON

I just wanted to thank you guys for the great work you do! I liked reading through your website, and getting a good no haggle price on my CRV. I'm going to spread the word.

Mississauga, ON

Start Auto Electric fixed my car and for less than I expected. I will use them as my primary mechanic going forward. Thank you so much for this recommendation, I wish I'd reached out sooner (and significantly few $$$ sooner).

APA Note: Car owner contacted APA beacause the dealer was unable to repair her vehicle, despite several attempts and numerous changed parts.

Durham, ON

Happy with a recommended garage. My 2006 Buick Allure had a transmission failure in London in January. APA's recommendation of The Automatic Transmission Shop in London did an excellent job of fixing it.

London, ON

Our Membership in APA has paid us handsome dividends. We purchased a 2013 Chevrolet Equinox LTZ and saved a little over $2000 using our APA membership. We negotiated hard for the dealer's lowest price, then showed the APA price and like magic the dealer, after some discussion, met the APA price. We particularly like the telephone service extended to us when we had questions and for the great assistance Les gave us as we were negotiation the final price. We will certainly recommend your service to friend and family when they are on the hunt for a new vehicle.

Tom & Margaret
Guelph, ON

I would like to compliment you on the service I received recently buying a Lexus in Vancouver in December. [Your broker] was very helpful, efficient and pleasant to deal with. He made the purchase process easy and hassle free. Thank-you for this type of service and please keep expanding.
Vancouver, BC

I joined the APA a few months ago and with your help I got a great lease rate on a new VW Jetta. The lease rate was advertised but as an APA member it was no muss, no fuss and no hassle. They knew I was an APA member so I didn't get the usual song & dance at the dealership. Thank you!

Toronto, ON

I just wanted to thank apa for recommending Graf Auto Centre in Toronto. It is a great place to take one's vehicle: they find the problem, explain what has to be done and give a (correct!) estimate. The repairs as well as the body work and painting were done as promised and very satisfactory. I can highly recommend the place!

North York, ON

I'm writing to express how pleased I was with service provided by an APA-recommended garage in North Bay; Kevin Ayers Automotive.
Before Christmas I was seriously considering to buy a used vehicle that I found on the internet from a dealer in North Bay. As I live in Hearst, 600 km away, I faced a challenge to properly evaluate the vehicle. I contacted Kevin "Chip" Ayers to ask if i could arrange for him to carry-out a Pre-Purchase Inspection including road test.
Chip picked up and returned the vehicle to the dealer, did a thorough inspection of it and supplied a complete and accurate report of its condition. The cost for this service was very reasonable. I subsequently bought the vehicle.
I recommend Kevin Ayers Automotive to anyone buying a vehicle in the North Bay area who seeks the peace of mind that a professional inspection gives when buying a used vehicle. I also very much appreciate the benefits of being an APA member. Thank you APA!
Hearst, ON

I was able to get a great deal on a 2013 Subaru Legacy this week. The entire process was stress free and allowed me to compare (and test drive) several makes and models within one week. I think it would be torture if I had to test drive and haggle to get the real price for each vehicle to make the best decision. I would like to make special mention of the great service [your contact] provided. He was cooperative, responsive and allowed me to test drive a few different makes and models without any pressure tactics. I would highly recommend [him] to my friends and family; of course I would tell them to become an APA member first to get his details.

Mississauga, ON

We have purchased two Mazda vehicles from your contact and each time were very impressed with the ease and friendly, efficient, knowledgeable service we received. We would arrive in Toronto from North Bay, sign the papers and leave. Throughout the process, while we were in North Bay, he would give regular updates as to the status of locating the vehicle we wanted. We would highly recommend dealing with him. (And we saved over a thousand dollars over the 'Best Price' we were offered here in North Bay).

North Bay, ON

Your report on W5 was excellent. I'm afraid it has cured us from ever buying used car again. We live in Toronto where the thieves are apparently thick on the ground. Everything from now on will be bought with the help of the APA as it has been for many years now. My current car, about to be replaced, possibly with new A6, was from AutoShowplace and it has been very good - a G35 purchased 5 years ago.

Keep up the good work, APA!

Roger C.

Thank you for your service (which is a tremendous bargain for the price of membership) and for referring me to this excellent dealership. I am confident that my future car purchases will involve both the APA and [your dealer].

Mississauga, ON

I just want to confirm that I bought my Kia Sorento from [your dealer] at the agreed upon APA price and saved almost $1,000 by going through APA. This is a great service you folks offer and I will be recommending APA to everyone I know who is shopping for a new vehicle. Many thanks for your help!

Chelsea, QC

We can't thank you enough for the information and advice you've provided over the years. From your detailed assessments of vehicle quality and performance, to your dealer invoice information, to your personal comments and advice regarding specific vehicles and options, you've actually made our car buying experiences something we look forward to, rather than dreaded encounters. We like to say that the APA puts the buyer in the "driver's seat", in place of the salesperson! Whenever we encounter someone thinking of buying a new vehicle, we always recommend the APA. Thanks again, and keep up the great work.

Tara and Peter
Barrie, ON

My wife and I want to thank you guys for the help that we received for buying a new vehicle. We bought the new 2012 Elantra Sedan...it rocks!! I will recommend you guys to everyone I know. I've learned quite a bit about how the sales and car industry operates.  Thanks again

Nigel and Tena
Elmira, ON

I am very pleased by the service that was provided by your referral. The price that you had quoted was the one provided to me. It was completely hassle free. The whole transaction from test driving the car to buying the car took no more than an hour. Also, the insight I received from APA staff to make my vehicle selection was very helpful.

Brampton, ON

I must say that I have always appreciated the APA advice related to car purchase. I have used the new car buying service a number of times but this is the first time I have considered a used car purchase. Thanks again for your advice.

Barrie, ON

Many thanks for what has been so, so useful to our family,


I would highly recommend the APA and the Auto Showplace. ... The extremely capable, knowledgeable, and helpful owner of Auto Showplace, John, went out of his way to make the car shopping experience hard to match. ... I am highly recommending these services to all of my friends and family. These professionals will get you back on the road as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Toronto, ON

Thanks so much for the valuable and sound advice!!!! The APA continues to save me lots of money!

Binbrook (Hamilton), ON


Just a note to say how pleased I am with your service and the quick no hassle sale from the recommended dealer for my 2011 Sonata Turbo Limited/Nav.

Many thanks

Cobourg, ON

Through your website and phone conversations we received very valuable information and help. We located a great car and were very pleased with the service....thank you again for the great help you were to us.

New Lowell, Ont.

I wanted to write the APA today to tell you how happy I am with the Mazda5 that I bought from your used car dealer. I was of course pleased with the price we arrived at without the normal back and forth you get form most dealers. This was the main reason I joined APA as well as being confident that I was buying a quality used car which Vince from Priority Plus Inspection Centre confirmed after his inspection.

Burlington, Ont.

I really appreciate your help. APA certainly has come thru. The membership fee was a bargain as it has already paid for itself many times over.

I am really looking forward to driving the new truck!

Steve, Toronto

First of all, I would like to let you know that I am very happy to be a member of the APA, as I want to support organizations like yours. Organizations like the APA are desperately needed to protect the interests of consumers in the often very unpleasant car-buying world.

Thanks very much and please keep up the good work.

P.S. I have never felt as good going through the buying experience as I did this time. I came armed with knowledge, and I feel very good about the deal I got. It was fair and everyone was happy.

Hsiu-Li, Waterloo

Dear APA,

I love my new Highlander!!

Just a brief note to thank you on your excellent service and that your price was MUCH better than offered by the local dealer and a competing car buying service. I also appreciate being able to talk to a knowledgeable counsellor. Originally I intended to get the Liberty or Suzuki XL7 but changed my mind after speaking to you and finding out about the IIHS crash ratings.

Matt, Mississauga

Hi Guys, I wanted to let you know that I purchased my Mini Cooper S from the APA Approved Dealer. Andy was terrific to deal with and your member price and a cash incentive made it more affordable.

Dealing through the APA takes all the stress out of car shopping!!!

Thanks so much.

Eleanore, Toronto

Thank you... Thank you! We joined the APA and got a quote for the new vehicle. Going into the dealership with the confidence that we knew exactly how much to pay actually made the process fun again. The dealer honoured your price without any haggling.

We were at the dealer and back home again within an hour, literally.

What a joy!

Erik, Bolton

Hello APA,

I wanted to write to tell you thank you very much for your fabulous service.

I did actually get the new 323i last week (so exciting!), and the purchasing process went extremely smoothly. I had no stress whatsoever, was able to arrange with the dealer a test drive on Wednesday and came back to pick up the car the next day. I really feel I got a great deal. I want you to know that I tell EVERYONE I speak with about your excellent service, I don't know why everyone doesn't get a membership.

If they want to avoid the stress of negotiating purchase price of a vehicle, which is one of the most significant purchases in one's personal budget, they have to go to www.apa.ca

Thank you as well for your terrific response time in answer to my requests. I had been unsure last year when I started this whole process but your counsellors were very helpful both in emails and on the phone.


Diana ( A very satisfied customer), Toronto

I would like to begin by thanking the APA for your assistance in the purchase of our new car. We purchased a 2009 Passat Wagon from the APA approved dealer. The information that you provided made the whole experience rather pleasant.

Thanks again.

Allan, Whitby

This is to let you know that I bought a used car from your referral at Auto Showplace. I dealt with both Kevin and John, and was well taken care of. Also, all of my expectations were met.


Cosslyn, Toronto

Thank you very much for providing this service. Things worked out very well for me as I picked up my 2007 BMW X3 and I could not have gotten the deal I got on my own. Believe me - I checked. Also, the sales rep I dealt with was a true gentleman and made the process simple hassle-free and I couldn't be happier. I will definitely use your service when it comes time for my next vehicle and will highly recommend the APA.

Peter, Mississauga

Thank you very much for your assistance. You have made my family's life a lot easier!! I am very grateful that a good friend of mine told me about the APA.

Maria, Coquitlam

After doing a lot of my own research, my wife and I decided that a new 2007 Mazda 3 was the right choice. After some frustration in my initial contacts with a couple of local dealers, I decided in October 2006 to join the APA. This was an excellent decision because APA's staff was very helpful in answering all of my questions. Furthermore, APA very promptly provided me with accurate invoice pricing and a dealer who provided us with the requested car at your pre-negotiated price.

Everything was done with complete efficiency courtesy and promptness. All of our questions were answered to our complete satisfaction. For the first time in buying a new car, the total event was completely "hassle-free" with no back-and-forth price negotiations and no "hard-selling pressure" to purchase extra unwanted accessories, warranties or financing.

Sanford, Burlington

I wanted to pass back some feedback from my recent used car buy. On your advice I went to Auto Showplace and did business with John. I managed to get just what I needed and thought I was treated very well by him - the cars he had were all in good shape and reasonably priced and I feel they stand behind their product. I would recommend them for a used car.

Larry, Toronto

Thank you for your work in brokering our recent purchase of a 2007 Honda CR-V. The process was efficient and professional. I was able to get a good price without having to spend all the time and emotion on negotiations at a dealership.

We are very happy with the vehicle and the service we received from the broker.

Shawn, Toronto

I just wanted to thank both of you again for making my recent car purchase so easy and (surprisingly) enjoyable.

Dave, Toronto

I would like to thank every person in the organization for helping me find the best car I possibly could, at an excellent price. John, at Auto Showplace, was outstanding in his service, advice, price and overall presentation of what a salesperson should be. The car I purchased was beyond my expectations.

Thank you all again.

Wayne, Toronto

Thank you for the very swift replies you gave me to my enquiries about purchasing a Jaguar X-type. Eventually all went well and I bought one. Your insights were very valuable to me in finalizing the price I paid.

Sincere thanks to all at APA.

Andrew, Toronto

 Just a friendly note to thank you guys at APA for all your help.

My wife has recently taken delivery of the new Honda Element. The APA has made this a very easy process and stress free.

Plus I feel we got a good deal for the vehicle and the APA was able to help get a decent trade in for the old vehicle.

William, Innisfil

 I'd like to thank you and the APA for your help in my recent purchase of a Mazda 3. First of all, you gave me exactly what I requested, quickly. In all my experience with car dealerships, I've never been so impressed with the way we were treated by the Mazda dealer.

The combination of your and the dealer's help came together to make your car purchasing experience excellent!

Steve, Burlington

Now that the dust has settled, and I'm driving around in my new wheels, I just wanted to thank all of you at the APA that helped with quick information and a great dealer contact that allowed me to intelligently select my latest vehicle. This is the 5th vehicle that my wife and I have sourced with help from the APA and I would not think of leasing another without your quote and referral service. It allows me to decide on what I need form what I want and source it at the lowest pricing available.

Once I decided on the Mazda RX-8, the dealer reference was first rate - we did everything over the phone and I only needed 1 trip to Toronto to pick it up. All smooth - no glitches nor sales pitches for things I did not want - pleasant experience.

Donald, Waterdown

Love the service!

Gary, Toronto

I just wanted to write a quick note to the APA to let you know that I continue to be pleased with the original referral that you gave me to the folks at Auto Showplace.

Three years ago, I sold my car to Auto Showplace as part of a trade-in in order to buy my Subaru Impreza.

Just this past weekend, I sold my 1998 Honda Civic to Auto Showplace directly.

The folks at Auto Showplace (Kevin, John and Boris) treated me very well again and exemplified the best of customer service in the business. I highly recommend them to anyone considering selling a car as part of a trade-in or otherwise.

Ronald, Toronto

I have just purchased a 2007 Mazda 3 Sport GT using your services. The experience and services from your recommended dealer were excellent, and I could not have asked for more. Highly recommended for any new car buyer.

Thank you for such an excellent Consumer Service.

James, Toronto

I would like to thank-you for your help with the purchase of my new car. You were very patient in my exploration of this vehicle and I appreciate that very much. As well the APA saved us time, not only in traveling to different dealerships to source out the best price, but also in haggling for a good price. It was great dealing with you and you will probably hear from me in the fall when I am ready to purchasing winter tires.

Julie, Toronto

Thank-you for the garage list. I ended up using Avenue collision and they were great. My car was repaired on time and $500 less than another shop I checked up.


Candice, Toronto

Thanks so much for your help.

Having all the background information from you made negotiating a deal so much better. I have already told about 20 people about how great the service was from APA.

Trudy, Guelph

Many thanks to your office for assistance in my purchase. I greatly appreciate you making it possible for me to buy the specific make and model, without the time and stress of shopping around, negotiating price, etc. The direct contact with the dealer, and the professional courtesy extended by (your dealer), turned the usual “hassle” into a happy relaxed experience. I’m thrilled with my new car, and with the manner I was able to acquire it at the special purchase price negotiated by APA.

Dorothy, Newmarket

My wife and I really appreciated all the help from APA couple of years ago when we bought a Toyota Corolla for my parents-in-law. Keep up the great work!

Sandip, Kingston

I have been a member of the APA for several years now.

I am absolutely delighted with the professionalism of your associates and the numerous services your organization offers. I’ve used your services numerous times when purchasing vehicles. Your organization’s ability to provide clear and concise information on my short list of vehicles has enabled me to make sound decisions when selecting my vehicle of choice.

The benefits I’ve obtained far outweighs the price of membership.

Trent, Brampton

 Just wanted to extend my many thanx to you and the APA for your great service. I just picked up my new Lexus on Wednesday. This is my second purchase with the help of the APA and again I am completely satisfied.

You are always kind, patient and extremely informative.

Ines, Mississauga

Again, many thanks! This is amazing service!

Donald, Oakville

I would highly recommend APA membership to any of my friends and family. The many advantages of joining the APA ….makes membership “a no brainer”.

Paul, Toronto

I have purchased my last two vehicles using the APA service and have recommended it to everyone I know who is purchasing a new vehicle. I am using it to purchase my latest vehicle. On my last purchase, factoring in the trade-in, I saved approximately $6,000 using the APA’s services. It takes very little time and it is certainly worth the extra effort given the savings!

Knowledge is power in the car buying process and the APA service provides me with the knowledge I need; I know that I am paying only what I need to pay, not what the dealer wants me to pay.

Audrey, Ottawa

 Just a quick note to thank you for your wonderful service and real savings garnered in purchasing a new vehicle through the APA.

In the final tally of gathering different dealer prices….the APA saved me over $1,400. on the vehicle.

The other terrific aspect of the APA process was all the parties at the auto dealership and auto appraiser conducted themselves professionally and treated me and my family as a valued customer.

Thank you APA.

Jake, Toronto

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting an old friend. George, in your office called me, in response to my enquiry of a 2001 Lexus ES300. APA advised me of a good deal. THANK YOU, thank you. I purchased the car, I enjoyed my visit to a reputable car dealer and needless to say, I'm a VERY happy member of APA. My sincere thanks!!!

Robert, Toronto

Thank you, yet again, for your assistance in the purchase of our new Ford Freestar. APA is the best kept secret on the block; you have consistently saved us bundles of money on our vehicle purchases and kept us on the right track. And ditto with the dealers recommended.

Murray, Richmond Hill

Thanks for the help - it is greatly appreciated. I would also like to thank the APA for the great follow-up on the new car buying service. Because of this, I am looking forward to purchasing a new Acura RSX Type S... I will recommend both the APA and Russ to anyone I know who is looking to buy a new car.

Once again, thanks to you, Les, and the APA!

David, Calgary

We used APA to buy our Dodge Caravan, and it was a great experience- No stress!!!

Mary, Toronto

I just wanted t drop a line to say how much I appreciated the help that I received from Vladimir on purchasing my 2004 Toyota Matrix a couple of weeks ago. Vladimir was great! He went above and beyond what I expected him to do. He was very knowledgeable and happy to help. We got a great deal (we saved almost $1,800) and had a no headache, hassle free purchase.

I will NEVER purchase another vehicle without you guys!!

Thank you again Vladimir! You really helped us out.

Henry, Mississauga

 Although in the end I bought my vehicle from a local Kingston dealer, I used the APA pricing info as my guide, and it proved very helpful. You gave me a great deal of your time, advice, and hand-holding.

Thanks very much.

Maury, Kingston

I recently got referred to Frank and Debbie through the APA in order to buy a car. They were very helpful and went out of their way to make things work.

Dave, Naughton