The Automobile Protection Association (APA) has been helping consumers with their car-related issues since 1969.

Your annual membership of $77.00 before taxes opens the door to the following benefits:

  • The new vehicle buying service in Greater Toronto and Montreal, as well as Vancouver and Victoria, for a no-haggle, relatively stress-free shopping experience;
  • The used car buying service in Toronto and Montreal;
  • Confidential dealer invoice price service on most new vehicles;
  • Used vehicle market values;
  • Discounts on tires and rustproofing. In Montreal, a discount on the APA’s recommended mobile used car inspection service;
  • Help preparing your file and tips on how to pursue your claim successfully if you’re having a dispute;
  • If necessary, an APA-paid consultation with a lawyer who knows auto law (subject to a referral from an APA counsellor);
  • Access to the APA network of recommended repair shops in Southern Ontario and Greater Montreal;
  • Priority phone access to helpful APA consumer counsellors in Toronto and Montreal.