The Complete Canadian Used Car Guide 2004
Automobile Protection Association

As part of the APA's aim to empower you, the consumer , by giving you the facts you need to make informed decisions, we've published The Complete Canadian Used Car Guide 2004. Written by APA president George Iny and the APA staff, we've brought all our expertise on automobiles together into one book, 600-plus pages packed with up-to-date and detailed information on buying, owning, and selling a used vehicle. 

Find clear and current information on used cars of all makes and models, minivans, and compact and mid-size SUVs. Lively, authoritative and comprehensive, The Complete Canadian Used Car Guide is the definitive reference to help you choose the vehicle that fits your needs and budget.

HarperCollins / $27.95 / 634 pages / ISBN 0006391338

We encourage you to buy The Complete Canadian Used Car Guide at your local independent bookstore. It can also be ordered online through and



Drive I-95
PHILLIPS-POSNER, Sandra and Stan Posner

Finally, a new map/guide to I-95 makes the drive down America’s busiest highway - from Boston to Florida, or any section in between - safer, interesting and stress-free.

With a clear overview of their route, travelers can look ahead exit by exit to see which motels and gas stations (even 24-hour ones) are coming up, where the radar traps have been observed or where to stop for a good homemade meal. Any drive between Boston and the Florida border will be more pleasant and less stressful knowing where to find rest stops, 24 hour-pharmacies, campgrounds, 800 numbers for motel chains, golf courses and even which radio stations play their kind of music.

Travelsmart / $29.95 / 192 pages / ISBN 1894979818

This book can be purchased directly from the author.