Non members: Dealer Cost Report ($25.00 + Tax)

Note: Single Dealer Invoice Report includes only the dealer invoice and incentives on one vehicle (dealer installed accessories are NOT included). It does NOT include a referral to APA approved sources or the pre-negotiated mark ups or discounts available to APA members. Members receive 5 quotes including no charge updates from month to month. We strongly recommend a membership quote even if you are not going to be buying through an APA source. As a member you also receive personalized car advice including assistance in evaluating your trade in. The APA relies on membership revenues from individuals across Canada to promote consumer interests in the automobile marketplace.
Feel free to contact us directly if you are not sure whether you should get a SINGLE NON MEMBER DEALER INVOICE REPORT or a MEMBERSHIP.

Please note: while almost all vehicles are available through the APA, some vehicles are not fully automated. Contact us if you cannot find the vehicle you are looking for or if you need further assistance. 

  1. Choose the make/model from the menu below
  2. Follow the instructions for payment
  3. You will receive an email with a link to  your report
  4. Select your province from the menu at the top
  5. View report online or print with selected options
  6. Review all aspects of the report including extra charges and applicable incentives

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