APA’s new car buying is designed to save you time and money. We are more than just a car cost service. You will get fast information and professional advice to help you with every step so you can buy with confidence.

Each APA member gets 5 free quotes per membership term.

How To Purchase And Read A Quote

Looking for a past model year vehicle? Please contact us by email or phone with the specific details.

Looking for current model year vehicles? Follow the steps outlined below. Please note: while almost all vehicles are available through the APA, some vehicles are not fully automated. Contact us if you cannot find the vehicle you are looking for or if you need further assistance.

  1. Choose the make/model from the menu below
  2. Add the quote to your member's portfolio by clicking the "Add" button at the top of the quote
  3. Select your province from the menu at the top
  4. Choose the trim level and options
  5. Review the other charges and incentives
  6. For a dealer referral, members can contact us at 416-204-1466 for Toronto or at 514-273-5149 for Montreal



How to read your quote.