The Automobile Protection Association (APA) is a membership based non-profit association dedicated to promoting consumer interests in the marketplace.

Unlike most auto clubs, APA staff receive no commissions for selling you a membership, and APA-approved garages do not pay an application fee or annual membership to belong to the association.

The APA accepts no subsidies from automakers nor the oil or insurance industries. Most revenue comes from the annual membership fees paid by individual consumers.

We work hard to preserve our independence because we believe it's the best way to guarantee you the most unbiased information possible.

The APA has had a role in many favorable developments for consumers, including warranty extensions and recalls worth millions of dollars, and improved legislation covering industry sales and repair practices. The APA conducts intensive and ongoing undercover probes to make sure that it remains an effective industry watchdog.

Interested in Becoming a Member?

Which office of the APA should I sign up for membership with?
It depends on your geographic location. The Montreal office of the APA handles all the services for the province of Quebec and all French speaking inquiries. The Toronto office of the APA handles all the services for the rest of Canada. Residents in the Ottawa area who wish to purchase a new car often choose Montreal because it is closer. Ultimately, it does not matter where you join because you can request information and receive access to all services from either office. If you wish to take advantage of the car buying service, keep in mind the deals negotiated on behalf of APA members in Montreal and Toronto are not always the same. You may want to obtain quotes and a referal to a dealer from either office if you are willing to travel. If you still are not sure about which office to join, contact us and we'll be pleased to advise you depending on your circumstances.

How can I sign up for membership?
You can sign up for membership through our web site, by phone, fax or dropping by our office. Contact info is available here.

Have more questions about membership? See our FAQ here.