2022 Lemon Aid New Car Reviews - Large Cars

Large cars are a rapidly diminishing market segment as the larger midsize cars offer enough comfort and luxuries to buyers that they see little reason to spend more money. In addition, those who really must spend more money generally seek a luxury badge, even if the actual car is from the junior lineup (like the A-Class and CLA from Mercedes-Benz) of a prestige brand.  

With the rapidly aging Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger due to expire, 2022 may be the last year for this section. 

Chrysler 300 Dodge Charger     

2022 Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger




What’s new
The evergreen 300 and Charger soldier on for their 12th year since their last major updates. The 300  is limited to Touring, Touring L and S trims for 2022. Charger: Minor packaging updates.   
The 3.6L V6 creates ample power and works smoothly in conjunction with the responsive eight-speed automatic transmission. The powerful V8 is quicker than the V6 but is totally unnecessary. Astonishing handling for such a massive car. Smooth, absorbent ride. Impressive refinement. Nicely weighted and geared steering. Comfortable seats and lots of space, front and rear. Logical controls, with the dash touch screen being particularly logical and easy to work with. The trunk is smaller than expected from a car of this size.  

The 6.4L V8 SRT8 and supercharged 6.2L Hellcat models are exclusive to the Dodge. An eight-speed automatic is standard on all models, All-wheel drive, which defaults to rear-wheel drive unless slip is detected, is available with the V6 only.  

300: Not offered with the V8, all-wheel drive is a $2500 option on 3.6L-V6 300s. With blind spot and rear cross traffic monitors, heated seats, remote starting, parking sensors front and rear and a power passenger seat, the Touring-L upgrade is a bargain. With "sport-themed" trim accents, sport seats, a dual-panel sunroof and Alpine audio, the S upgrade is reasonably priced. Fans of rear-wheel drive can add the 5,7L-V8 for $3450. Buyers need to add the Safetytec package for $1495 on the Touring-L and $1195 on the S, to get active cruise control with stop and go, forward collision warning, autonomous emergency braking, lane departure warning and a lane-keeping system.

Charger: all-wheel drive costs an extra $5400 on the SXT and $3200 on the GT, but additional standard equipment on the SXT justifies what appears to be an excessive price to obtain all-wheel drive. Moving up from the SXT AWD to the GT AWD costs only $900 and is worth it, but with so little difference between the two trims that it makes no sense to offer them. Comparing the rear-wheel drive GT to the rear-wheel drive only R/T delivers little but the V8 engine, for a reasonable $2900. The 6.4 L V8 Scat Pack model is priced $9350 higher than the 5.,7 L R/T, but additional equipment brings the price bump generated by the engine down to around $6000. The Hellcat Redeye Wide Body costs nearly $110,000, but buyers, many of whom are probably collectors. don't care. The Driver Convenience package on all trims, including the Scat Pack, adds blind spot and rear cross traffic monitors. The Technology package, offered on all versions including the Scat Pack, adds blind spot and rear cross traffic monitors, adaptive cruise control with stop and go, forward collision warning, autonomous emergency braking, and a lane departure warning, for $1895. Blind spot and rear cross traffic monitors are standard on the Hellcat but no other active safety equipment is offered. 

Average to above average reliability predicted. These cars are the most reliable vehicles built by FCA. 



Body Style:  4SD
Occupants:  2/3

3.6L-V6 (292 HP, 300 HP)*, 5.7L-V8 (370 HP), 6.4L-V8 (SRT 485 HP Charger only), 6.2L-V8 S (707 HP Charger Hellcat) 

Transmissions: 8A* 
Drive Layout: Rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive*

City Fuel Economy:  12.8L/100 km
Highway Fuel Economy:  8.7L/100 km
Active Safety Features: Optional forward collision warning with autonomous emergency braking, blind spot, rear cross traffic and lane departure warnings, a lane keep assist system and an adaptive cruise control system with stop and go
Warranty: 3/60,000, 5/100,000 (SRT, Hellcat only 3/60,000)
Current Generation Debut:  2011
Country of Origin:  Canada

IIHS Ratings:

Sm. Front Driver: M

Mod. Front: G

Side: G

Roof: G

Sm. Front Pass.: NR

Head/Seat: G

Headlight: NR


NHTSA Rating: