Toyota Yaris Control Arm Failures

October 2011

The APA is investigating reports of failing front suspension control arm bolts on the 2006 to 2010 Yaris. The cause appears to be corrosion. Symptoms reported by consumers include a thumping noise after braking or going over a bump. Eventually the bolt fails, which can permit excessive freeplay in the front suspension. Cost of the repair ranges from $100 to $1,700 (if you need two control arms). The APA recommends that BOTH front suspension control arm bolts be replaced. APA is writing Toyota Canada to request a warranty program or recall for this problem. From what the APA has seen, owners are being billed for this very unusual repair because the bolts fail shortly after the third year and 60 000km. 

Please fill out the report form if you have experienced this problem. If you are a Toyota service person and have additional advice to prevent the problem or a cheaper fix, please contact APA in confidence.