Important Notice for Consumers Residing in Québec

If you have experienced an intake manifold or head gasket related problem with your vehicle, the recent Superior Court decision in François Lallier vs Volkswagen Canada Inc. (500-06-000235-040) suggests that it is very important to send a claim letter to General Motors in addition to completing this form.

“Even if all the facts alleged were true, the absence of a claim letter is fatal to the claim, which then becomes non-receivable.” (translation of French original)

The APA does not share Judge Auclair`s opinion, but it is the most recent statement in this matter. Therefore, the APA`s legal counsel recommends that consumers affected by this notice send a claim letter to General Motors.

In order to better prepare your claim letter we have included a reference to the web site of Justice Quebec. We remind you that information is strictly informative:

Please send the original of your letter to General Motors and a copy to the APA with the answer from General Motors. Letters to General Motors can be addressed to:

General Motors Canada:
General Motors Canada Ltée
5000, route Trans-Canadienne
Pointe-Claire (Quebec) H9R 4R2