COVID-19: Warranty Repairs

April 17, 2020


My warranty is about to expire and I can`t get service

Hyundai recently extended all warranties that were scheduled to expire in March through May 2020 until June 30. According to Hyundai, the policy applies in all countries where they sell cars where physical distancing is in effect because of the health measure related to COVID-19. To date, the APA is not aware of any other brands that have made a similar commitment, so here are some tips if you have a warranty that expires in the next couple of months.

If your vehicle warranty is ending soon but you can`t get an appointment for a repair the first thing to do is document the problem. Images with date stamps on them and the associated vehicle mileage will help establish that a problem occurred during the warranty period. Take a photo of the vehicle`s odometer reading with your phone. If a vehicle malfunction indicator light is on, take a photo of that too. If there is an unusual noise, try to record it. Don`t just call the dealer`s service department to book an appointment that could be weeks away. Some automakers, particularly Fiat Chrylser, Volkswagen and Ford are very picky about warranty end-dates. Best is to report your vehicle issue to the vehicle manufacturer`s customer service department and get a case number. If everything is done over the phone, follow up with an email and attach your evidence.

If you want to delay the end of a lease that is scheduled to terminate in April through June, or need relief from car payments for the next few months because of a COVID-19 related job loss or health issue, the APA has prepared some guidance for you.

If you have any questions or concerns that the APA can help you with, please reach out to us by email or by leaving us a voicemail message and we will get back to you.


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