Consumer advocate wants Toyota to compensate owners hurt by parts shortage
CBC News- Yvonne Colbert | September 5, 2019.

A national consumer advocacy organization is calling on Toyota Canada to be transparent about parts delays and compensate owners affected by the Canada-wide problem.

Toyota owners are bearing the costs of having their vehicles sitting in a repair shop while they wait for parts. Some have used all of their allowable insurance rental coverage, forcing them to pay for their own transportation or drive a vehicle that is roadworthy but still missing parts.
(APA Director George Iny) said Toyota should take several steps, including suspending lease payments for any Toyota leased vehicle that is off the road while waiting for parts.

"If you`re a lease customer, you`re not getting any use for your payment, and if it`s an insurance repair and your car is off the road, they should take over paying for the rental car when your insurance company gives up on you," Iny said.

He noted the inconvenience is "extreme." He said it`s not like waiting for a recall part to come in where you can actually continue driving your vehicle and just cross your fingers that you don`t have the problem. "This is a more severe thing if your vehicle is sidelined and it involves costs..."

"We`ve heard from people who started work on their car, were told there were no parts, and found parts themselves but the dealer is not approved to install them on the cars by the manufacturer because they`re not Toyota parts," he said. 

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