APA's Lemon Aid Car Show returns for another season

September 2017

APA launches the 2017 season of the Lemon-Aid Car Show throughout Ontario, with partial availability in the rest of Canada

The popular Lemon-Aid Car Show is now available throughout Ontario, and through select cable providers throughout Canada. The show airs four times weekly on CHCH (Superstation - Hamilton) and on Bloomberg TV Canada. Consult your TV listings. The Lemon-Aid is all about providing you the consumer with actionable information that you can bank on! 

Your questions will be answered on air. Call us at 1-888-377-3649, and leave a short message with your first name and tel. number. You can also email us at apatoronto@apa.ca. In the subject line type “Lemon-Aid Show”. We will attempt to contact every person who reaches out to us.

The show is produced by the APA and sponsored by OMVIC, the Ontario dealer regulator, and Krown Rust Control. The APA and other Industry guests appear regularly. Topics covered range from car-related issues/problems, car buying tips and questions, auto insurance, tires, appearance & bodywork, and even rules of the road. Our goal is to keep the show informative and entertaining, and not stuffy or just for people who are gearheads at heart. Host, Lorraine Sommerfeld, is an award winning journalist, and a regular columnist with the National Post’s Driving.ca and the Hamilton Spectator (Motherlode). Our featured Mechanic is Chris Muir, Professor Motive Power, Centennial College.  The APA's Director George Iny or John Raymond, APA Producer are on set for each show.


Do you have a question for the show?

We need callers to leave messages on anything car related! We want to build-up our portfolio of callers. All you need to do is:

  1. Dial 1-888-377-3649
  2. Leave a voicemail of about 30-60 seconds
  3. Include the following info
    1. Your name
    2. The town/city you are calling from
    3. Your problem or question
    4. A telephone number for a callback
Then tune in to see if your question is on the air.






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