APA-recommended Used car dealer
The APA recommends a network of trustworthy used car dealers in some areas.
  Used car inspection service
The most effective protection: an inspection for defects, required maintenance and collision damage.

Lemon-Aid reviews
Used car reviews from APA’s experts that include reliability, maintenance and repair info and model history.

  VIN Decoder
Learn more about the car you're considering purchasing with this handy Vehicle Identification Number decoder.

APA group rate insurance
APA has negotiated insurance discounts for members


This service is available only in the Toronto area

More used cars than ever are now available through APA’s industry leading used car buying service. Since September 2008, members have been placing orders for vehicles of their choice through our approved dealer, Auto Links. They will conduct an online search through dealer auctions and other wholesale distribution sources. This unique service helps you find the car you want without compromising on options, mileage or even colour. Also, you will retain the peace of mind that comes with buying through the APA’s Used Car Buying Service.

The APA’s comprehensive and convenient Used Car Buying Service offers excellent value for the money and is exclusive to APA members.

APA recommended dealers perform an extensive inspection on all vehicles. Most will run a VIN check for previous owners, liens and insurance claims history as well as information that brands vehicles as Irreparable, Salvage, Rebuilt or Stolen.

The APA recommends that members:

a) conduct a VIN search (if not provided by the selling dealer)

b) have an independent inspection performed at a recommended garage listed in the Recommended Garages section of this site to obtain an unbiased opinion on the vehicle’s condition.

c) refer to the APA Lemon Aid Used Car Reviews for important information on the vehicle you are considering.

Our participating dealers have undertaken to take care of any problems revealed as a result of the inspection.

Benefits to APA members

No-haggle APA price designed to save you time and money.
* Reasonable financing rates
* Full history available with every vehicle: previous owners, liens, and insurance branding.
* Service records (when available).


The member is encouraged to have the vehicle inspected by a garage of his or her choice prior to the purchase. The member pays for the inspection.


In case of a dispute between the dealer and buyer, the dealer accepts arbitration by a arbitrator selected by the APA at the request of the APA member. The two parties are bound by the arbitrator’s decision.

Please note

1. APA strongly recommends a thorough inspection before you buy a vehicle.
2. Be sure to make an appointment before going to the dealership and deal only with the sales staff recommended to you by the APA.